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You have an increasing ELL population and your teachers need engaging resources and support...




You have an increasing ELL population and teachers that need engaging resources and support...





What current schools partners are saying...

I had a student start in January from the Dominican Republic with no English. She came from a traumatic situation and had no desire to learn English or even be in school because of fear. I started her right away on the newcomer materials, even though I was feeling like it might be too much for her. The time we spent in the first few weeks allowed us to form a bond and trust. She very soon started coming to my classroom excited to see me and learn. We had a huge language barrier as I am not a fluent Spanish speaker but we connected through the materials and she is learning so quickly. It is so fun to see what she has learned in just a few short weeks.

"Collaborating with Equipping ELLs has been immensely beneficial for our district. With limited funding, it can be challenging to ensure all our teachers and sites are fully equipped with resources and differentiated lesson plans for their ELLs. Equipping ELLs provides all the necessary resources for our teachers to meet the needs of our rapidly growing ELL population. Equipping ELLs has made it possible for our teachers to feel supported and prepared. Our teachers particularly love the audio flashcards and dictionary options provided for our students, as well as the podcasts and professional development opportunities available to them. This year, our district is excited to have all our ELL teaching staff onboarded with an Equipping ELLs Expert to ensure we can fully utilize the plethora of resources offered."

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At Equipping ELLs, we are a team of dedicated former educators who have transitioned from classroom teaching to creating impactful solutions for educators of English Language Learners around the world. Our mission is to empower educators with resources and training that enhance their instructional strategies and equip EL student success.

Founded on the principles of real-world educational experience and research-based methods, our team understands the unique challenges and opportunities in teaching ELLs. We blend practical insights with innovative educational practices to empower teachers with the tools they need to excel.

To date, Equipping ELLs has fostered partnerships with over 140 schools nationwide, creating a network of collaboration and support that enriches our educational ecosystem. 

Our reach extends to over 40,000 educators and growing who have utilized our extensive range of resources. 

At Equipping ELLs, we are committed to breaking down the barriers in ELL education and ensuring that every teacher is equipped to help their students thrive.

Join us in our mission to empower all educators to successfully equip their English language learners. 



That's what makes Equipping ELLs different from all the other resources out there!