How to Cut Your Planning Time in Half and Still Provide Quality and Engaging Lessons for your ELLs

Join me live on Sunday, July 17 at 8:00 pm EST. 

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In this webinar, you'll learn:

How to stop letting overwhelm paralyze you, but instead learn how to set up a system that will keep you focused. 

Teaching ELLs. is not easy, but it can be easier when we start working smarter not harder! We will look at how systems will save you time, keep you focused, and help all teacher be more accountable for supporting ELLs. 


How to combat scattered lessons and instead set up a lesson plan framework that creates structure for both you and your students. 

Consistency is key for ELL success! In this section, we will dive into different frameworks you can use to making lesson planning easier, but also provide clear expectations for your ELLs. 


How to stop overcomplicating your lessons and instead streamline and simplify your lessons to use with multiple groups. 

With Pinterest and Instagram, ideas and inspiration is not the problem. The problem is figuring out how to sift through the noise and distraction to create quality lessons that hold our ELLs to high levels of learning. (And many times this happens when we do less, and push our students to do more!) 

The more hours you spend lesson planning does not always mean the better lessons you deliver. 


Teachers are spending hours on the hamster wheel planning lessons for ELLs, but are those hours actually producing quality lessons? 

You can drastically cut down your lesson planning time and still deliver incredible lessons for your ELLs. 

And the truth is, when you find more balance, you are able to show up with  more energy and confidence for your students. 

A Note From Instructor...

I used to fall into the trap of spending hours after school lesson planning...

but looking back, even with those hours spent, I still felt overwhelmed, stressed, and unprepared. 

How was that possible? 

It was because I was working harder but not smarter. 

Join me and let's learn together how to get back time and still rock at our job! 


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