What if you walked into each classroom on campus and felt confident you knew you could reach all your students... with their diverse needs? 

What if you filled out your lesson plans for your ELL students in a fraction of the time because someone else provided you with a clear guide to follow?

What if you could spend more time with your friends and family and less time prepping and planning to teach?

What if you could take one worry off your very full plate?

It’s all possible when you join our Equipping ELLs Membership and get both the resources and the support you need to teach your English language learners. 



Never has teaching been harder.

Never has being flexible, adaptable, and ready for anything been more necessary.

Never has having the exact resources you need at your fingertips been more crucial.


The last thing any teacher needs is curriculum from a corporate company that has never been in the classroom...

That's why my resources are different. I'm an ESL certified homeroom teacher that has taught in a low income public school of Chicago and a private IB school in Panama. I've taken my 10+ years of experience along with my M.Ed in ESL and Curriculum and Instruction and apply it to every single resource I create. I also apply my experience of living abroad as a second language learner in a foreign country to create materials that make all our students feel welcomed and safe to learn a new language.  Engaging resources along with support and empowerment (we all need someone to cheer us on in the tough environment of teaching) is what you'll find in Equipping ELLs. 

Here's what current members have to say...

Lisa C.

Honestly, Equipping ELLs was the only sense of control and calm that came my way this year. Amidst all of the chaos and confusion of virtual learning, I felt so prepared and ready to deliver quality ELL lessons each week thanks to this group. It could not have come at a better time! Totally worth it! Thank you SO much!"

Shelby C.

"I just want to say thank you for everything! I was so scattered and all over the place last year. This has helped me feel much more structured, like I can really make a difference for my students. There is no comparison for how I worked with my newcomers last year, versus this year. I joined this program at the very last minute and am so happy that I did!"

Michelle M.

"I already owned several of your materials so I was unsure about the benefits of the membership. I am so thankful I took the leap and joined. Your resources have been invaluable and I have seen the confidence and progress of my students improve! In addition, the games and multiple platforms make leaning fun, engaging and give me multiple ways of reviewing and presenting the material."

Teaching isn’t supposed to be easy.

But it shouldn’t be this hard.

I want to make one piece of teaching easier for you. I want to ensure you can be flexible and adaptable and ready for everything by giving the resources you need to reach your ELL students.

I can’t change the fact that you’re doing too much… but I want to reduce that gut-wrenching feeling you’re not doing enough (because you are!)

And to do that, I want to give you access to all the prepped-for-you ELL lessons you need for your students and support you need. You’ll get it all just by joining our Equipping ELLs Membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything that is included in the Equipping ELLs Membership:

✔️  A growing collection of resources to use for whole group, small group, and independent activities that can be used online and in person

✔️ 2 strategies a month to use in your whole group setting or for co-teaching with editable resources so you can differentiate

✔️  Small group activities for younger and older ELL students

✔️  Daily lesson plans and activities for newcomers

✔️  Monthly speaking and writing cards

✔️  ELL Toolkit- Engaging flashcards to practice conversation

✔️  Digital centers and Boom Cards

✔️  Monthly training calls to show you how to use the resources, answer any questions, or give you an opportunity to meet with other educators! 

✔️ A private community to connect with and get support from

✔️  A roadmap with resources to follow so you can use your time doing what you do best: teach!

✔️  Coaching to create a classroom structure that will keep ELLs engaged, but benefit all your students at the same time

✔️  Opportunities to choose new products that will all be added

✔️ A monthly scope and sequence for clear direction on what you need to teach

✔️  A weekly lesson plan fitting all the curriculum together to click, print, and teach

✔️  A digital monthly progress monitoring to quickly check in on student’s progress and check for areas to reteach and support


I dare you to take the Equipping ELLs Challenge! 

We 100% believe that having a guide to follow, the resources at your fingertips, and a community to support you will make teaching ELLs infinitely easier.  We have already seen current members school years transformed by their decision to join Equipping ELLs, and we want that to be your story as well. 

We do not want you to miss out. That's why we challenge you to try out Equipping ELLs for one month and if you do not feel it is a good fit for you and your students, you can cancel at anytime, just like Netflix. 

So, why not take the Equipping ELLs challenge and try it out for a month to see if it helps ease your stress and gives you some of your precious time back? 

You deserve it and so do your students. 

Get all these materials and support for less than 4 Starbucks lattes a month! 



This low price includes

  • Monthly lesson plans and guide 
  • 2 training calls a month
  • A private Facebook group
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of resources at your fingertip
  • New materials added at no extra cost



Get 2 months free

  • Monthly lesson plans and guide 
  • 2 training calls a month
  • A private Facebook group
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of resources at your fingertip
  • New materials added at no extra cost